Blind dating film review

Sandro’s friend Iva (Archil Kikodze), a former soccer star, works as a women’s coach at Sandro’s high school.

There is just one catch: Leeza, who is from India, is promised to another man.

You can imagine the pitch meeting for Blind Dating: its, like, the 40 Year Old Virgin, except the guy is, like, 22 – and he’s – get this – he’s actually blind!

Everyone falls about laughing at the comic possibilities, and an executive gives it the green light – just like those Orange Wednesday ads. Star Trek’s Chris Pine is Danny, a good looking young man who has been blind since birth.

I’m not sure which is more cliched; Pines’ portrayal of Blindness, or the film’s treatment of arranged marriage and Leeza’s family, so I’ll start with Blindness.

I don’t know if Chris Pine observed any blind people while preparing for his role, but he seems to have decided that staring fixedly at one point, rather than looking at the person talking, was key. And he has quite a big head, so it just made me want to tell him to stand up straight.

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