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Scientists named the fossil Larry after Larramendy and one of world's leading paleontologists, Larry Agenbroad, who died in 2014.

The size of the find has left the scientists puzzled because they can't determine if it's a Columbian or pygmy mammoth, according to the park.

"The points we are finding are extraordinary, the workmanship amazing.

They are ultra thin, serrated and have incredible barbs on them.

Funded primarily by grants from the National Science Foundation, the team also found thousands of artifacts made from chert, a flint-like rock used to make projectile points and other stone tools.

Some of the intact projectiles are so delicate that their only practical use would have been for hunting on the water, said Jon Erlandson, professor of anthropology and director of the Museum of Natural and Cultural History at the University of Oregon.

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"This is among the earliest evidence of seafaring and maritime adaptations in the Americas, and another extension of the diversity of Paleoindian economies," Erlandson said.

The mammoth fossil was first discovered in September 2014.

National Park Service biologist Peter Larramendy was surveying the area for a stream study when he observed an ivory tusk bulging from the gravel wall of the canyon.

Several graduate students and postdoctoral scholars working on issues related to complex hunter-gatherers have desk space. UCLA investigations encompassed about 35 households at several Historic-era village sites on Santa Cruz Island. students employed project data for their theses or dissertations, including Anthony Graesch and Anna Noah.

The lab is fully equipped with PCs, microscopes, type collections, maps, and archives Over the past 20 years, Arnold has been engaged in empirical and theoretical investigations of the sociopolitical evolution of chiefdom-level societies, particularly complex hunter-gatherers in coastal California. Our theoretical focus includes exploration of social status, craft production, occupational specialization, and household organization and size. UCLA Summer Field Schools in Archeology complemented the NSF project and supported excavations at one of the focal village sites.

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