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Or did she establish an independent chronology that fol lowed no humanly devised scheme? We are now in a position to provide a definitive answer to such questions.Owing to the recent development and marketing of the laser-disc Ellen G.The Trial of Israel Dammon On February 17, 1845, less than four months after the "Great Disappointment" (see my "Apocalyptic Background of the SDA Church”), a Millerite elder named Israel Dammon was brought to trial in Piscataquis County, Maine. been a vagabond and idle person, going about in the town of Atkinson . In 1840 William Miller brought his message about the rapidly approaching Second Coming to Portland amid much excitement.According to the indictment brought against him, Dammon "idler is and has . In the words of Ellen’s recollection, “terror and conviction spread through the entire city.” Now an adolescent, Ellen went with friends to hear Miller.These teachings were, in the name of the Lord, boldly met by Ellen G. While extreme positions in this area of teaching were decried all down through the years, she, on the other hand, ever pointed out the physical, mental, and moral ills that resulted from sexual excess and pleaded for a moderate course as appropriate for the Christian believer.The emphasis of the Spirit of prophecy counsels as they relate to sex was one of temperance.In some cases the instruction that they averred came directly from God, led to extreme positions in the matter of sex.

The symptoms experienced by patients who are recovering from a severe head injury include headaches, dizziness, depression, slowness in thinking, and impairment of concentration and memory.

White concordance by a group of SDA laymen in Sacramento, California, we can compile for the first time a complete set of all Ellen G. (The laser-disc concordance lists the occurrence of virtually every one of the 35,000 key words used by Ellen White some 9 million references in all!

) It may come as a surprise to some, but Ellen White makes more than 2,500 references to Biblical chronology.

At the other extreme were the Mormons, who taught a plurality of wives, permitting within the acceptance of the church circle a certain promiscuity in sexual indulgence, not only with the assurance of God's favor, but as His command, with the promise of a special blessing in the hereafter.* The visions given to Ellen White, from the first one in December, 1844, pointed to the near advent of our Lord and Saviour and called for the needed preparation of heart and life to meet Jesus when He comes.

From a strictly human standpoint, at such a time how easy it would have been to introduce some extreme positions in the matter of the relation of husbands and wives, seemingly aimed at bringing about an elevated state of purity. White writings, while ever calling for purity of life, were marked from the very out set by a total absence of extremism on the subject of sex and consistently present a very middle-of-the-road position.

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