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A surprising number of black guys respond to my outgoing message. We gays always beat ourself up and call ourselves pedophiles for glancing at a 17yo boy sideways. The main thing that freaks me out are the self-proclaimed numbers of pedos, meth freaks and barebackers.These straight guys have any number of fantasies about young girls, their step-daughters, even their own daughters. Then again, you run the risk of having the other guy hiding the fact that he's 900 years old or 900 pounds. I've chatted on the Manhole and the Free Chat Line both. I've talked to some hot daddies there and a few hot-sounding guys.

Thanks to the new Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone, the perfect no-contract wireless replacement for your landline telephone, that day is here.

That part of the whole thing is more than depressing. Have had a few toe-curling orgasms talking to some of the guys on the Manhole.

I've done the same thing (called into str8 lines) and noticed the same thing - a disturbing number of men seem to get into underage girls. Numbers: GAY: The Manhole (all gay) 218-936-8888 STR8 OPTIONS: Studio 55: 218-936-8900 Free Chat Line: 712-338-8889 To go in on the "other side" at the str8 lines you just respond to prompts when they ask "Guys or Ladies" and "straight or gay" - it's press one or two which then puts you in the queue for straight men if you answer you are a straight woman.

if you're familiar with Magic Jack, you'll say "That's not free!

Magic Jack is some really cool technology, called VOIP, standing for voice over IP, which (and I'm not a techie in any way, so you'll have to bear with me in case there are slight errors in my techno-talk) means that with the means of special technology, your voice is sent through the internet and connected with the phone lines, so that you can make telephone calls without a telephone. Well, if you live out of the US like I do, but need to call people in the US, this is certainly cheaper than an international call, because it's free. With the Magic Jack app, you need to have your phone or tablet connected to the internet.

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