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The cards were instantly popular as they had been in America, where smaller US issuers had developed the format to incentivise switching and help challenge the traditional banking establishment.In the vast majority of cases the interest rate charged is 0% for the introductory period (after which the interest rate reverts back to the product's standard APR).By reducing the monthly interest payable on their balance (which many issuers require to be paid as part of the minimum monthly repayment), balance transfer customers are often able to reduce the cost of their monthly repayments.This 0% period differs from card to card, as do any additional card benefits, but all 0% purchases credit card can be a valuable money saving tool .Compare 0% purchase credit cards from our partners and apply online.The key difference with 0% purchase products is that they offer 0% interest, not on existing balances, but on new purchases.This means that holders of these products do not need to pay a fee to gain access to a 0% interest rate, as balance transfer holders typically have to pay with the transfer fee.Casual Sex Contacts lists thousands of willing no strings sex partners from all over the UK.By joining us for free today you can search for local casual sex contacts in your area and arrange casual no strings sex meets.0% purchase cards are available from a number of UK credit card issuers and are extremely popular products.Many people in the UK will have switched to a 0% balance transfer card to reduce the amount they pay on an existing balance, and 0% purchase cards operate in a similar manner.

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