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Kevjumba was in a group called YTF (Yesterday is in the past, Today you have a choice, Forever is up to you.) All of the members of YTF have a You Tube account (Ryan Higa, Victor Kim, D-trix, Andrew Garcia, Jr Aquino And Chester See).

Kevin finally resurfaced on the internet three years later on his blog called Monk.college.

July 24, 2008, Kevjumba made a second You Tube channel called Jumba Fund, where the money he earns from the channel he gives to charity.On April 21, 2016, Kevin revealed why he left You Tube.He said that he wanted to leave so he can meditate and go to college.Artists and businesspeople have long sought to wrestle the Asian American market into some sort of viability.In the dark ages before social media, Asian American indie films blasted emails on opening weekends to urge fellow Asian Americans to fill up first-weekend theaters and coffers.In Happy Slip, Kevin was featured like in the "Boypren" clip and Christine was featured in Kevjumba portraying as Kevin's mother in "Put it in Purse"... I dunno how old she really is but I think she’s around her 20s. Kevin AKA Kevjumba however is a young guy; I think he’s still in high school.Her videos are all uber fun to watch, very interesting, short and deal with many funny Filipino family traditions and practices. He also does a lot of videos but not a lot of acting…Here’s a quick update. Sacramento Taiko Dan just celebrated its 22nd Anniversary with a concert at The Crest Theatre in Sacramento.Guest artists included renowned Koto player Michiyo Koga and Brooke Jeein Newmaster, Director of the Chang Mi Korean Drumming and Dance ensemble.If you want to know more about her, visit her site by clicking HERE! Unlike Christine, he makes a lot of funny commentos and vlogs, sharing funny experiences, ideas and about almost everything.Her video’s are all in You Tube under her username happyslip. Here’s one of my favorite videos featuring Christine as his Mom.

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