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To his extreme discredit, Luke does not ONCE say, “So wait, you just ran the biggest label in town into the ground, and now you want to run mine?

Piss off, road slime.” Instead, he agrees to put on his thinking ten-gallon-hat.

I expected this LA Fitness to be just as polished as the newly constructed ones in the city.

Instead, the closer I looked, I found plenty of mirror streaks and carpet tears throughout the cardio area.

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Deacon is supremely irritated that a wizard has not floated down from the sky and handed him a vitamin that will fix him without him having to do anything but swallow, and Scarlett would love to chit-chat about this for all of eternity. It’s really rude and mean and yet I secretly love that his response to all her nattering is to just… Teddy is upset that Oliver Hudson has been fired, but only because he’s worried it means Oliver will Revenge Gossip about all of Teddy’s indiscretions.With it being January, you are obligated to consider whether or not you will actually work out this year (it's worth it, right? After finally running out of private pools where my face was welcome, I needed a new way to stay fit.So like many before me, I took to the Internet in search of a cheap gym membership. " He gave a brief hint of the book's plot — three interwoven strands of real, fictitious and imagined crimes — along with a kind of drive-by review ("a stew that's sometimes a little too chewy but always fascinating"). His situation changed shortly after the 2007 holidays, when Publishers Weekly reported that Ross had received a two-book deal from Alfred A. 11 issue and found a capsule piece with the grabber headline "Stephen King: What I'm Reading Now." In it the dean of horror writers described a not-yet-released first novel he called "the most riveting look at the dark side of marriage since Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Ostensibly she is celebrating extracting Maddie from her contract, but whatever. She’s so high off the fumes of lighting people’s businesses afire that she promotes Bucky to Head of A&R at her label. Think of all the Candy Crush levels he can play in one day.He’s delighted, because he can use the zero dollars they’re earning to sign all kinds of artists they’re not actually looking for. Meanwhile, despite last week’s resolution for Scarlett to be less manic and Deacon to be less of a dour patch kid, Scarlett is being manic and Deacon is being a dour patch kid.But what stuck with most readers were the 12 words that adjourned the short paragraph: "And it induced nightmares, at least in this reader. Knopf, the country's most revered major imprint for literary fiction.No mean feat." From the guy who wrote The Shining, this is like Tom Clancy telling the world that your first military novel made him decide to join the Marines. Perhaps more striking to Nashville readers, though, was the first line of King's short but resounding paragraph: "It's by Adam Ross." Until two years ago, Ross was teaching English full time at Harpeth Hall — an echo of his undergrad years at Vassar and his graduate years at Hollins University, a women's college with a coed graduate program (which he described once in a P. At the time, Ross was virtually unknown as an author.Though I had been warned of the quality under the previous regime, it had changed hands and was close to work, so I figured it a good place to start breaking a sweat.Despite bringing my pre-registered free pass, I was immediately directed to a membership associate who signed me up again and took me on a tour of the space.

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