Natalia vodianova dating antoine arnault

So I thought, OK, maybe he just wants to be friends? I remember seeing her and my jaw sort of dropping internally.

Natalia Vodianova’s grim Soviet childhood is fashion-world legend by now—if hard to square with the supermodel’s gilded present.

As a teenager, Vodianova helped her mother sell fruit on the street and later set up her own fruit stand with a friend to help her family out of poverty.

She doesn’t let her difficult past stop her.” In fact, the past drives her like a Ferrari on the last lap of the Formula 1 Grand Prix.But while some of these heirs have become famous in their own rights as models and business men, others have have stayed out of the spotlight, focusing on charity or private work.Bernard Ecclestone, #418 on the Forbes list, is worth .8 billion Petra, 23, is the daughter of Bernard Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One and perhaps the most glamorous heiress on our list. The fashion brand took over the Louvre Museum’s Salle des Etats for the unveiling of its new collection Masters, a collaboration with Jeff Koons.The collaboration, featuring a new collection of bags and accessories, was celebrated with an exceptional dinner placed next to the Mona Lisa.By Noah Plaue These dashing youths are not only attractive, but as the children of the world's wealthiest people, they are also devastatingly rich.Having billionaire parents has its perks, from million weddings to private yachts.In 2015, Vodianova launched the digital app "Elbi", which allows people to donate money with a "Love Button," create content, send messages, and vote for Charitable purposes.Born in Gorky, Soviet Union (now Nizhny Novgorod, Russia), Vodianova grew up in a poor district of the city (Avtozavod) with her mother, and two half-sisters Kristina and Oksana, one of whom has cerebral palsy.Sir David Barclay, #358 on the Forbes list, is worth .2 billion Sofia Barclay, 23, is the granddaughter of David Barclay, media and real estate tycoon, estimated to be worth a combined .2 billion with her twin brother Frederick.This beautiful heiress splits her time between London and New York City and attended Westminster School in London.

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