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School districts have used RATs to spy on students in their bedrooms; rent-to-own computer stores have secretly watched their customers.Online, at places like Hack, individuals, often men, trade and sell access to strangers' computers, often women, gained via RAT. More often than not, he or she is trained in family practice, not emergency care.The people who choose to live in small, geographically isolated communities throughout the Midwest are used to making the trek -- long car rides come standard with country life.

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(Thanks to Chris Ackermann for the tip.) It might also get interesting over at NSKYC, which displays the average color of the New York City sky, captured every five minutes.

The webcams listed below should provide a good view of Hurricane Sandy's arrival in New York City, on Long Island, and along the Jersey Shore.

If you know of other webcams we should add, email me or send me links on Twitter.

Avera Health Network is believed to have the only long-distance critical care center in the U. Based at Avera Mckennan Hospital, the nonprofit provides a range of "telemedical" services that take advantage of technology -- including high-definition two-way video consulting -- to make it possible for experts to be available 24/7 in locations throughout South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

Their four main services -- e Consult, e ICU Care, e Emergency, and e Pharm -- are set up to provide resources and support to the 10 percent of America's doctors currently serving the 25 percent of the country's population that resides in rural areas.

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