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Also known as the City National Civic Theater, the San Jose Civic Auditorium is a designated city landmark.

It regularly hosts shows from Nederlander Concerts and other organizations within the venue that contains over 3,000 seats and features state-of-the-art HD video and sound systems.

Take advantage of these awesome locations and activities, as they are the perfect way to spend quality time with that special someone in order to take friendships further! Filoli Gardens: Located in the heart of the bay area, Filoli Gardens is the perfect place for a nice afternoon stroll or a simple picnic.

Here you can explore miles and miles of floral beauty as well as the inside of a historic mansion.

Enjoy a variety of live performances and entertainment at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts.

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This beautiful and fragrant garden contains thousands of individual rose plants and dozens of rose varieties.e Harmony Advice has you need to know about Dating in San Jose.Check out our top 10 tips for dating in this Northern Californian city.The prices very reasonable and with the many options of activities to take on, you will find yourself easily spending the whole afternoon or even day exploring the park. Panther Beach: While many beaches in Santa Cruz are often crowded and polluted with noise, Panther beach (also in Santa Cruz) is located in a secluded area, eliminating these problems.Not only is the beach quiet and romantic, the view is absolutely breathtaking.The Camera 12 Cinema is a 12 theater movie multiplex that shows a combination of new Hollywood releases and classics, art house films, foreign films, and cult favorites.The theater offers a variety of promotions and special events.1) The City For work, play and dating, it is hard to beat San Jose.This 178-square-mile city of almost a million people has a median age of 32.6 years, with a median household income of ,000, and an almost equal number of males and females.The aerial view of Cupertino, West San Jose, Mountain View, and Saratoga is even more stunning at night! Mission Peak: If you are looking for more of a challenge than Hunter’s Point, Mission Peak is your destination.The way up to the peak is entirely uphill – because it is so steep and strenuous, make sure to bring a lot of water and comfortable shoes (trust me, you will need it! Although the hike is extremely long and challenging, once you reach the top, the view is amazing and well worth it. Shoreline Park & Lake: There is so much to do at Shoreline whether it is paddle boating, kayaking, hiking, or even biking!

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