Unraveling dating codes

Here's what seems to be happening: When users activate the Timeline feature, Facebook gives them a date when their personal profiles will publish.

Here we consider the neural coding problem at two levels of the macaque visual system.

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That was, of course, before I realized that nowhere in 26,000 tables were mothers directly linked to their babies.Worse, the records didn't even consistently identify patients who were born in the hospital.Sometimes, this was recorded in the “Employer” field of the patient record, using text like "Newborn Born Here" or "Minor Born Here." However, once the patient was old enough to have an employer, that data was overwritten with actual employment details.Ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Timeline last month, the tech world has been busy trying to guess when the new profile layout — which focuses on users' entire lives rather than their most recent updates — will launch for all Facebook users. A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable that it would "roll out" in the coming weeks. This is consistent with what Facebook has said about how it will launch the Timelines. We haven't discovered a launch date, because there isn't just one. It is more likely that the feature is intended to launch gradually rather than all at once.Since that time chiropractors have been frustrated by continually having their claims denied for dates of service on which manual therapy was performed in conjunction with other procedures, including the chiropractic adjustment.In clinical practice, along with joint mobilization, manual traction, and myofascial release, manual therapy includes other therapies performed by hand.Any time a patient is seen at the hospital, they are assigned one or more ICD9 codes describing the purpose of their visit.In 1999 the CPT code 97140, Manual Therapy, replaced three codes: Joint Mobilization, 97260/5; Manual Traction, 97122; and Myofascial Release, 97250.

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