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For example, change GRUB TIMEOUT=10 to GRUB TIMEOUT=1. Save and close the file after you have made your change(s).While still in the Terminal, run the following command to get the change(s) implemented on the next boot, and then exit the Terminal.This is something you should consider before trying GRUB 2.When will GRUB 2 become the de facto bootloader for UNIX-like operating systems?Apart from the BIOS password cracker (which didn't work for my computers, doh), I'm missing a tool to zap the CMOS RAM.

But why am I getting this message, and is this the correct way to handle it?For latest updates, please take a look at Updates section below. I want to recreate the same success with my GRUB 2 tutorial.My goal is to provide people running any flavor of UNIX-like operating systems or multi-booting their computers and using GRUB as their bootloader with a simple, no-nonsense, step-by-step, proven and working tutorial that should allow them to quickly, easily and painlessly control the boot sequence of their systems.GRUB2 has many changes most of which are not immediately obvious to the user. In fact, those files are now off-limits and you must NOT edit them.The file to edit is grub located in the /etc/default folder and it can be edited with this command from Terminal with Administrator privileges: (you must also run update-grub after any alteration).In your case you have no changes made to the file, and the differences are minor and irrelevant to your setup, so you can ignore and proceed with install the package maintainer's version without the need to edit the file any further. You're talking about "my" changes at points in this answer, even though I haven't modified the file."Use the show the differences between the versions to check what the differences are" - it's been a long time since I posted this question, but I seem to recall that this was impossible; the installer would refuse to show the diff because it was too large."the differences are minor and irrelevant to your setup" - that's quite an assertion, given that you haven't said anything about what those differences are. I usually select the package maintainer's version because it should be designed to the specific Linux/Grub version (even with AWS instances).Clean this unused kernel images is not only good because of a cleaner grub menu, but also to gain some disk space, as all those kernel images uses a lot of space in your disk. I will show you do this under Ubuntu, but should also work for other distros just taking care of the names of their kernel images, and also its package managers. 110373 files and directories currently installed.) Removing linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20-16-generic ... This diskette can also just serve as a plug'n play packet-driver layer for the non-Netware-minded for running WATTCP services like the included IP-printserver and VNCViewer.Other people use it in combination with Citrix DOS-ICA client to turn your old 486 PC into a XP workstation (connecting to Citrix Meta Frame).

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