Validating targets antiparasitic chemotherapy Hotel life cam sex

The drugs used to treat these diseases are far from ideal, and many of them were introduced decades ago.

Problems associated with some of the commonly used drugs are noted in the Table 1.

Of more than 1,300 new drugs introduced for all indications between 19, only 13 were for TROPICAL DISEASES such as those listed in Table 1.

Another method is by comparing the putative drug targets between the drug-sensitive and the drug-resistant parasites for potential discrepancies.

Unfortunately, the latter often result from indirect causes, such as reduced drug transport, instead of an alteration of the drug target itself.

Drug discovery is a high-risk, expensive and lengthy process taking at least 12 years and costing upwards of US0 million per drug to reach the clinic.

For neglected diseases, the drug discovery process is driven by medical need and guided by pre-defined target product profiles.

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